lucknowchikanembroidery-08We are very well aware that we would be nothing without our customers, the people that come to us for our custom made clothing and we would like to share some of their experiences with you right here.

I have been coming to Lucknow Chikan Embroidery for clothing since the early 1990s when they were still nothing but a small shop in Los Angeles. I am myself Indian and when me and my husband started our family, we wanted out children to be aware of their tradition. Also, my husband and I were never ashamed of our heritage, in fact, we were always very proud that we are Indian and we wanted everyone to be able to appreciate our culture and our style. That is why we have been going back to Lucknow Chikan Embroidery for our clothing ever since. Whenever we wanted to get a new piece of clothing that would look incredible and that will turn heads, we have gone to Lucknow Chikan Embroidery and we bought their clothing.

Aisha Rawastani, LA

My girlfriend who was of Indian heritage (she still is, she just is not my girlfriend anymore) opened my eyes to the incredible world of Chikan embroidery and ever since, I have been wearing clothes, especially shirts with this type of ornamentation for special occasions. The place where I go for my embroidered shirts is Lucknow Chikan Embroidery, a family run tailor shop that manufactures custom made and handmade clothing with Chikan embroidery. All of my friends have gone berserk about their work and even though you can find cheaper shirts, people from Lucknow Chikan Embroidery make the best ones you can buy in Los Angeles, embroidered or not. It is the level of craftsmanship that is rare to find, especially when we are talking about handmade ornamentation that is as intricate as Chikan embroidery is.

David Stone, Los Angeles, CA

lucknowchikanembroidery-07Seven years ago, I met the man of my life, Hariprasad Rai and I was actually very surprised at how well his family accepted me as a true American girl, someone who never had anyone from the Indian subcontinent in her family. Five years ago, we decided to wed and we decide to have a small ceremeony by the sea. I wanted to do something special for my future husband and for his family and I decided that I would wear a traditional Indian wedding gown. I did not know where to turn so I went to the Lucknow Chikan Embroidery and asked them if they could make me a dress that would wow my future family. And they sure did. It did cost more than a little, but what they created for me was a true work of art, with the most intricate embroidery that I have ever seen in my life, so gorgeous and so breath taking that the entire wedding was lost for words, let alone my future family.

Hanna Rai, Los Angeles

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In short, here at Lucknow Chikan Embroidery, we make handmade, customized clothing for our clients, people who are looking for exquisite traditional Indian clothing as well as for those who want something special in their shirts and suits that are not Indian traditional in nature but which all have [...] Continue Reading…

Lucknow Chikan Embroidery is a boutique clothes company, a small family-run firm that has been making Indian traditional clothes for decades before it branched out into creating western clothes with the trademark Chikan embroidery that has become one of the most sought after types of traditional embroidery that can [...] Continue Reading…